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For over two decades, the SBWN has organised hundreds of events and our members and guests have heard from business leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials and industry experts. Our events have been held in local pubs, cafes and restaurants across Bass Coast and South Gippsland. Check out a snapshot of these events below!

    • 16 May 2024
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Space 47
    • 9

    Kellie Stirling

    Midlife and Menopause are two transitions that often occur at the same time, although they are separate, they are also inextricably linked. Many of us fear this time in life because we have been told stories about all the terrible things that go wrong. What if you learned that it is the most transformational time in our lives as women; and that tending to ourselves and learning to listen to and trust the innate wisdom of our bodies, will support us to move through this time in life with grace and more ease. Midlife is the call to explore you. It is the Autumn season of our life where we have time to slow down, review, reflect and work out what we can let go of, what we can keep and where we need to focus our attention so that we can thrive in our second half of life. Midlife is the perfect time for this complex transition because we have the wisdom and perspective to really differentiate what is going on for us, with our deep life experience, we can begin to work out where we need to focus to thrive in our life.

    If you would like to explore the depth of midlife and menopause and learn how to set yourself up to live well in the second half, come join us.

    About Kellie Stirling

    Kellie is an organisational development consultant, somatic coach, facilitator and guide who is passionate about supporting people to thrive in their lives. She works holistically with her clients, and works at the intersection of adult development, systems thinking, integrated sexuality, embodiment work, somatic experiencing, leadership, and business. Kellie has a strong focus on trauma resolution in her work and believes that connecting people with the wisdom of their bodies, is a huge enabler of them coming home to themselves and thriving in life. She is a relationship and life transitions coach and works with people to support them through big changes in their lives during parenthood, midlife and menopause and elderhood rites of passage, and other life transitions like grief, divorce and big career changes.  Kellie works with people to help them grow and flourish in all aspects of their lives.

    TikTok and Instagram - @kelliestirling 

    Facebook group - The Heroine's Journey

    About Our Event Sponsor

    This month our event sponsor is Hears Pty Ltd.  HEARS is a boutique, female owned, Melbourne-based market access consultancy, providing expert health economics, analysis, research and strategy services to the Australian and New Zealand pharmaceutical and medical device industries. 

    About Our Event Venue

    We will be hosted at the fabulous Space 47 for this event, where we shall enjoy culinary delights prepared by Brett Sinclair - a well known favorite of the network. 

    We invite both women and men to attend. 

    Please let me know if you'd like to car pool - Robyn 0466128770

     Our Venue

    Space 47

    47 McCartin St, Leongatha

    Tickets - $40 Members & $70 Non-Members

    Annual membership & ticket $110

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