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ABC Workshop

  • 17 May 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • The Workmen's Club, 75 Graham Street, Wonthaggi
  • 40


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If for some reason you simply cannot pay online now and must pay at the event, your fee will be rounded up to the nearest whole note. For example, for a regular evening event members will be $40 cash on the night, non-member registrations will be $50 cash on the night.
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3 Hour Workshop - 9am to 12noon

The ABC - The 3 Secret Pillars To Your Business Success

What comes to mind when you think of a successful business or a successful business person? Put aside the product, systems and procedures, and consider for a moment the people or person who make up that business! What makes them successful?

When you take a closer look, you will often find 3 Pillars that are consistently present. We call them The ABC of Your Business Success.

In this engaging and interactive Mini Workshop you will discover the three pillars that underpin the characteristics of successful business people, and how you can use the same strategies to improve your business and professional success.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

A – Appearance

  • Discover the power of ‘the psychological phenomena known as enclothed cognition’ - the impact you have on yourself and others by the clothes that you wear
  • The magic of colour and how to use it effectively in building your personal brand
  • Putting together a look that is authentic to you and builds your business and brand

B – Behaviour

  • Discover and model the behaviour of the most successful people you know – success leaves clues
  • How to control and master your emotional state, no matter what is going on
  • Become more creative and innovative in your thinking to help solve any problem – it’s just how you look at it!

C – Communication

  • Discover the universal magical word that unlocks your personal and business success
  • Discover the words that stop you in your tracks and hold back your success
  • How to listen for what is not being said
  • How to inspire and motivate others, in a language that they understand

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our venue...

Wonthaggi Workmens Club
75 Graham Street

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