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Positions & Role Overview

The SBWN committee follows the traditional committee structure with only minor variations in that there are 2 General Member roles.

In addition to the role-specific activities, committee members attend:
  • 1 committee meeting per month
  • 1 event per month

Come One, Come All - Come Join the Committee!

Nominations are open now - simply download the nomination form, fill it in and 

  • post it (P.O. Box 768, Leongatha Vic 3953) 
  • scan and email to or
  • hand it in at the next event


The President has three main elements to her remit as follows:

  • Assisting with the managerial direction of the organisation 
  • Planning and running events and meetings
  • Acting as spokesperson/figurehead

Vice President

The Vice President has these main responsibilities:

  • Support the President and backup the President in her absence
  • Consider running for President next year (although not compulsory or expected)
  • Share the running of events and meetings

Events Co-Ordinator

The Events Co-ordinator has these main responsibilities:

  • Work with the committee to secure acceptable dinner venues;
  • Ensure that the committee's minimum standards are able to be met by the venues
  • Liaise with the venues to ensure the dinner menus meet expected standards and costs
  • Liaise with the Speaker to ensure that the venue meets the requirements of speakers/member speakers
  • Work with and guide Dinner Event helpers


The Treasurer has three main areas of responsibility:

  • Keeping an overview of the finances of the organisation
  • Reporting at committee meetings
  • Making sure the organisation has the right financial policies and procedures in place


The Secretary's main responsibilities are:

  • Supporting the administration of the organisation
  • Facilitating and supporting committee meetings


The Membership officer's main responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring membership applications
  • Provision of Membership badges
  • Monitoring Membership renewals
  • Reporting to the committee meetings
  • Managing incoming Membership enquiries


The Publicity officer's main responsibilities are:

  • Ensure a person is appointed to take the photos of each event
  • Submit articles to the newspapers' info or community announcement sections for future events
  • Submit articles and pictures to the newspapers and to the Facebook and Website members for inclusion in those media

Digital Media Officer

The DMO's main responsibilities are:

  • Update website CMS as requested by Committee
  • Compile and distribute the event email bulletins (monthly)
  • Assist when members experience problems using the website or emails

General Member

The General Member is a role that enables the incumbent to:
  • Learn about the committee, 
  • Assist with different roles
  • Work closely with one of the committee members to learn about a specific role. 

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