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  • 20 Jan 2015 2:11 PM | Anonymous
    Thank you to Jane Benston for her fabulous presentation on Women in Leadership last month.

    Jane recommended several books during her talk and we promised to post the reading list for our members here:


    1. Stop Playing Safe – Margie Warrell 
    2. The 5 Levels of leadership – John Maxwell
    3. Developing the leader within You – John Maxwell 
    4. Thrive – Arianna Huffington 
    5. The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team - Patrick Lencioni 
    6. The 7 Habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey 

      For Interested SBWN Members - Jane runs regular workshops in Melbourne, her February event is the 1 day Small Group Workshop for Women in Leadership

      In this Exclusive 1 day Small Group Workshop for women in Leadership, you will:

      • Clarify the unique gifts, talents and passions you bring to your role as a leader and learn how best to capitalise on these to get the recognition you deserve
      • Discover how to enhance your confidence, build your authentic leadership presence and develop a new level of results that has you being seen, heard and valued
      • Identify your true value and discover how to step fully into your identity as a leader
      • Overcome the roadblocks and barriers standing in your way as you navigate the complex corporate maze towards more success, enjoyment and fulfilment
      • PLUS we’ll dive into your specific career aspirations and help you to map out the next crucial steps to ensure momentum well into 2015
    1. 27 Oct 2014 5:39 PM | Anonymous

      Building confidence in public speaking is the ultimate stretch. Following on from her inspiring presentation earlier this month Jennifer Burrows is facilitating a 1 day highly experiential workshop essential for presenting and persuading with confidence, credibility and impact.

      • Detailed audience analysis to ensure what we say is as relevant and motivating as possible.
      • Defining our single, most important audience take out AKA asking for the business
      • Identification of Key Messages.
      • Fundamental structure of the presentation. 
      • Opening with confidence and Closing with conviction
      • Emphasising, adding impact and making memorable your Key Messages.
      • Establishing and maintaining your presence, credibility and authority in front of your audience.
      • Engaging and building rapport so that the audience wants to listen and ultimately have a relationship with you.
      • Exploring a range of presentation delivery tools and techniques to interact with and engage the audience including answering questions with confidence, using case studies, stories and anecdotes, involving the audience plus voice modulation, movement, pausing etc.
      You’ll also receive a workbook containing all the planning templates, linking language and steps to planning all your future presentations.

      This is a fun practical workshop involving on your feet exercises so you can maximize your ability as a presenter and public speaker in a safe, non-threatening environment. Plus Jen will step you through the 5 Minute Phobia Cure so you can kick your nerves to the kerb for good.

      Cost $197 pp Tickets for PERFECT YOUR PITCH AND GET PITCH PERFECT - or you can email Jen direct at

    2. 08 Jul 2014 10:12 AM | Anonymous

      Dear Ladies,

      We are so thrilled to update you that plans for our AGM and New Committee are coming along very positively.

      Our wonderful Secretary, Jess McAuliffe, is stepping down after serving two years on our Committee and so is our Treasurer, Joanne Denbrok. Both have done a great job supporting the committee and we give them our heartfelt thanks. We are still seeking expressions of interest for both of these positions. If you love what SBWN does and would like to contribute - we'd love to have you. No prior committee experience is necessary as you will be joining a very experienced and supportive team.

      I have decided to step down from the President's role as my availability is going to be more limited from now on but I am staying on as a general committee member to ensure a smooth transition for our new President.


      We are delighted that Megan Vuillermin of Your Small Business Mentor ( has nominated to be our President.

      Plus the following Nominations have also come in :
      • Gill Hardman - Vice President
      • Gill Mertens - re-nominating for Publicity
      • Patricia Hanrahan - re-nominating for Events
      • Kahren Richardson - re-nominating for Webmaster
      • Sharon Patullo - re-nominating for Membership Secretary
      • Margaret Denbrok - General Committee Member
      • Libby Thompson - General Committee Member
      • Deanne Stanley - General Committee Member

      We are only awaiting nominations for Secretary and Treasurer – so if you wish to nominate yourself, or you can think of someone that may be interested in nominating and joining a fabulous committee, please do let us know.

      From your President, Libby Thompson
    3. 14 Apr 2014 1:47 PM | Anonymous
      Megan Vuillermin of Your Small Business Mentor who spoke so passionately on the subject of branding at our April meeting has kindly provided a list of further reading resources for SBWN members.

    4. 09 Jan 2014 4:21 PM | Anonymous
      UPDATE: We have since opened up the privacy settings somewhat because members that had spent some time creating their profiles were not adjusting them to show the world all their hard work!

      When we updated our database to the new site we set everyone's Profile to the maximum Privacy settings. This means that after you've entered all your Profile details, most will not show up for the general public unless you update your Privacy settings.

      Many of you will want to display as much information about your business as possible, so here's a quick lesson on how to do it.

      How to change your Privacy settings...
      First Login to your account using your Email and Password. Once logged in you will see the View Profile option appear at the top right of the page in the Login area.

      Clicking on View Profile will take you directly to your Profile. Once there click on the Edit Profile button. You can edit all your details from here.

      You will see the word Privacy underlined as shown below, click on that to get to your Privacy settings.

      Now you can choose the information you want to show to the general public. For example, I chose to set every field to Anybody except Landline because I don't have one.

      That's it, your Privacy Settings are updated. Well done.

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